Service Agreement Contracts that can cover multiple Child locations

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I need to be able to create a service contract that can cover multiple child locations
Our service contacts are not written on equipment like HVAC systems. Our customers are looking for service contracts that give them a reduce rate if they guarantee us so may of hours of service a year to cover service on all their locations and hardware/equipment.

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  1. Hello. Sorry. We just cannot do this work. The software was not designed for this. You cannot create a work order, sales lead, or invoice for two or more customers either. If I understand you 100%, your request would be a giant change to the software.

    We do have a Premium Feature called Work Order Locations that might help. It is $500 and that is a one-time initial fee plus support. This was a paid custom programming job for a company that needed to be able to create work orders and invoices for a single customer but for multiple locations (not children but locations they enter). She also had us create Zone Pricing. This feature allows ten different item prices per location as well as ten different labor times for items at each location. We have not finished the help topic because the buyer is still evaluating the feature. Our training department could discuss this system with you.

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