Author name: Mathew Misterka

Batch Update in PO List

Hello! Wouldn’t it be super helpful to be able to batch update PO’s in the PO List so we can close a bunch at once? Other helpful batch fields for PO’s would be departments and stages.

Item Sales Description in PO Drop Down

Currently when using the drop down to enter items in a PO, you can only see the Purchase Description column. It would be helpful to see the Sales Description so our users don’t have to use the Lookup.

Highlight subtotals in Estimate

We use and love subtotals in estimates but they are hard to find mixed in the grid with a sea of items and groups. TOM should highlight subtotals! Hurray!

Delegation system to enter records

Have you ever been frustrated that your co-workers forgot to enter WO’s or PO’s they said they would? How about a TOM delegation system you can assign data entry tasks to users that tags a customer:job and shows up in reminders they need to check off?

Require department field for everywhere

Do you have to go back and assign missing departments when doing a month close like we do? Please add a preference that requires departments throughout all records.