Batch Update in PO List

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Hello! Wouldn’t it be super helpful to be able to batch update PO’s in the PO List so we can close a bunch at once?

Other helpful batch fields for PO’s would be departments and stages.

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  1. Hello. I wanted to be sure you knew the preferred best practice way to close a PO. When you enter an Item Receipt for the PO, that action closes each line item on the PO that matches a line item on the Item Receipt. If all line items are closed, the PO is closed.

    You can create an Item Receipt from the PO in question or from the main menu. You can enter more than one Item Receipt for a PO (if needed). You can skip the Item Receipt and just enter a Bill. I always recommend using Item Receipt when possible.

    You are allowed to “force close” a PO. Doing so skips the checks and balances built into the bookkeeping flow. That ability mostly exists in the even that the correct process was skipped and cannot be fixed later.

    1. Hi James, great point and we do allow TOM to automatically close our PO’s but we do have a lot of digital debris for old PO’s that we don’t want to delete as they may contain some useful data but are way past the automatically closing stage and a batch update would be helpful to avoid a million clicks.

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