Author name: Shawn Montroy

Automatic Invoice Reminders

Ability to set schedules for sending automatic reminders for open invoices with templates based on the age of the invoice.

TOM payment link

Ability to have a payment link for invoices sent from TOM to be paid as they are in mobile.

work order reimbursable

should have the ability to ad reimbursable items to a work order and not just an invoice.

insert invoice items

ability to insert line items on an invoice. presently you can only add new items to the last row of an invoice.

Statement payment link

Would like the ability to include a payment link when sending statements from TOM similar to the invoice payment link in Mobile.

Primary customer Invoice

We would like the ability for Sub Customer/Jobs to be able to invoice the primary customer record. We have property managment clients that have multiple sites and the invoices and statements should come from the Primary account not the sub accounts.

Mobile item quantities

Need the ability to change the quantity of items when adding the items as the items are selected.

Photo or document link notification

Would like a field on the main view for workorders, estimates, PO to quickly see if there are any photos or document links in the main screens. This would be similar to the balance notifications in customer screens.

Mobile Photos

Have a seperate tab from document links for photos. And in the mobile app have smaller thumbnail views of photos. This would be much easier on mobile than trying to search document names.