Mobile item quantities

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Need the ability to change the quantity of items when adding the items as the items are selected.

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  1. Ability to quickly change the quantity of an item:

    • Updating the quantity of an item on a work order – when the techs search for an item and need to add multiple quantities of that item – they currently have to search for the items, then add the items, then they have to go back to the work order, click the items tab, where there is no description of the part until they hit the “arrow down”, and then hit the note pad where they can then finally change the quantity. This is several steps. There are two simple suggestions they made –

    o When searching for the part, can they change the quantity directly from that screen by adding a quantity button between the name and price, or even a drop down where they can add quantity? Even if they add that item multiple times right now from the search screen it adds that same part multiple times on the work order (i.e. does not sum them up and show as one line item, which makes the invoice unnecessarily long and duplicative)


    o Simply add a sales description in between the name and quantity description on the items tab in the work order – this would prevent them from having to click the arrow down for every part number to find the one they need to change the quantity for (it is unlikely the techs will remember over 3,000 part numbers – which necessitates them having the sales description to make a decision, let’s make it readily available! (One less click!) – sometimes we have 100’s of parts on the work order and having to click the down arrow on everyone of them to find the exact part you need to change quantity for is very time consuming.

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