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The ability to customize WO status would greatly reduce the amount of verbal communication with our dispatcher. There is currently nothing in the status list to reflect the need to return to the job, parts needed, parts ordered, ect. If we could add in our own status options then it could be color coded on the dispatch board and our dispatcher could tell at a glance that she needs to schedule return trips for jobs. (See picture for visual illustration.) It would be easier to set a status for the WO rather than having to remember to verbally update the dispatcher on the progress of individual jobs.

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  1. Hello. We are not able to make the Work Order Status list use definable for technical reasons.

    We added the Work Order Stages feature for this. You may want to create a series of stages for the work order and use that feature. Stages can be set on the app or the desktop program. The WO list has a Stages column option and so does the Not Scheduled Work Order List on the schedule board. You might create a User Defined filter on the WO list to view a certain Stage such as “Parts Have Arrived”.

    On a related note, we added “Open PO” the the work order and we added Work Order History with PO information to help with parts on order. The mobile app has this info plus the Special Order Parts list.

    It is a good idea to create POs from the WO in the mobile app and or the desktop. That associates the PO and the WO.

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