Confirm Before Sending Thank You Text Message

3 years agodeclined3

Would like to see the ability to Confirm Before Sending the automated Thank You Text Message similar to the ability to do so with the automated Thank you email.

There are times that the work order is marked completed for that day however need to return to finish the project or repair so the job is not finished and a Thank You should not be sent yet.

3 thoughts on “Confirm Before Sending Thank You Text Message”

  1. I will look into this further. The email system can do it. Email is different than texting. Emails are easier to detect and interrupt than a text message. Use emails for now while we see if this is feasible. Thanks.

  2. The text messages go out at 12:00 PM CST (noon). This is what we call (in the software world) a service. The service runs on their server and the texts go out as needed. There is nothing to intercept. The text messages don’t run through the techs app (they run from the server) so they cannot be asked if they wish to let them be sent.

  3. I am going to decline this simply because it is not possible. The text messages come from the server and cannot go through a mobile app before going on to their destination. Sorry.

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