Author name: Roger Holmes

Ability To Make A Copy Of An Assembly Item

I would like to create a new Item Assembly by copying an existing Assembly Item because the information and Bill Of Materials is almost identical. Similar to the ability with an Inventory Item.

Consolidate Items On A P.O.

1. Add a menu option to the PO called “Consolidate Items”. 2. This feature will remove all duplicate items and consolidate them into a list with no duplicates. 3. The quantity of the single item will equal the quantity of all the items that were replaced. The PO will be ordering the same number of …

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Sort Bar Code Labels When Printing

Would like the ability to sort Bar Code Labels by General Bin Field so when printing they appear on the label sheet in order of the General Bin. Currently they sort based on Item Name. Total Office Manager does not preserve the sort order that was performed in the Invoice Item List before printing.

Work Order Item Notes

The Work Order Item Notes should be visible in Mobile. When previewing the Work Order. As well as when previewing and printing the Work Order in TOM.

Asset – Parent & Child

Would like to see the ability to have a Parent & Child relationship for an asset. The idea being that we can have a asset that includes various major components for which we want to track expenses for separate from the parent.