Consolidate Items On A P.O.

3 years agocompleted0

1. Add a menu option to the PO called “Consolidate Items”.

2. This feature will remove all duplicate items and consolidate them into a list with no duplicates.

3. The quantity of the single item will equal the quantity of all the items that were replaced. The PO will be ordering the same number of items.

4. If the items have different job names, work order numbers, etc., we can randomly populate the consolidated item. You can select the first ID you encounter or something else of your choice. It will be easy for the user to fix these.

5. This feature is most useful on the PO and not part of the estimate. Users will be able to use this feature on POs that were created before the feature was added and on POs that did not originate from an estimate.

6. Add a message box that includes the following text. Make this message box one that has the “Do not show again” option. Message Box = “This feature will remove duplicate item numbers and consolidate them into one item with a quantity equal to the total quantity of those same items. It will do this for each duplicated item so that you are left with only unique item numbers. Do you wish to continue? Yes or Cancel”

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