Ability to Hide select items from Mobile users.

4 years agoopen4

There are many items used in group items that I don’t want our field (mobile users) selecting when creating PO’s, WO’s and Invoices. They are non-inventory items used for group pricing only but share the same description. Currently we put FR in the beginning of the item name and ask our people not to use them. They forget all the time and use them anyway.

4 thoughts on “Ability to Hide select items from Mobile users.”

  1. I agree with David, I would like to see that as well. For instance a Group item may have labor, inventory and a discount. I would like for them to only be able to select the Group, not the individual items.

  2. This feature could get complicated very quickly and result in even more ongoing changes to the feature. Do we have an option to hide them on all forms or certain forms? Do we hide them from all mobile users or just technicians? Would these users be able to edit, delete, change the quantity, etc., of these items? What happens if a tech needs to build a task (group item) from scratch? Many companies allow this. Do we need a batch selection feature that allows you to mark or unmark numerous items at a time? Do we need to add this field to the import utility for importing items? Should we add this new field to the Quick Filter and or User filter in TOM? Should a new column be added to the Invoice Item List?

    What if you had the ability to only allow users to select Group Items or certain other item types? Does this need to be on an individual item by item basis?

    Have all of you carefully looked at More > Settings > Flat Rate Pricing Settings. You can decide what item types are included under the Services button. This would help with accidental selection. Could we make a modification to these settings?

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