Turn off or hide fields we don’t use.

4 years agodeclined4

It would be a simpler program if I could make fields disappear that we have no use for. Example would be the Department field in customer information, I don’t want my people putting anything in there and our mobile users enter department when adding a new customer all the time. We had to set up a reminder for someone to go clear that field weekly. There are many other fields we don’t use as well but certain ones are more troublesome if used.

4 thoughts on “Turn off or hide fields we don’t use.”

  1. I would like to avoid hiding the fields. It would look odd with them simply gone. They would be disabled.

    One challenge would be deciding on what forms and which fields. We have about 585 forms. I can see an ongoing stream of requests asking for additional fields to be placed on that list. A good thorough list of fields would need to be created. This would be a lot of labor hours and not make the software any easier to sell.

  2. jonathanF@aptora.com

    What if instead of disabling them James, there was the ability to specify a different color text for items that matter or don’t matter? For example, allow users to change the department text color to red to signify do not enter anything into this field.

    Doing all 585 forms would be a waste of time. Just do the one’s that everyone typically goes through when dealing with a customer.

    For me, I’d immediately make the pager and pager-pin red or light grey in the new customer form. I never use those fields. I use all the others though just not all the time.

    I do agree that hiding unused fields completely would look weird.

    I can imagine people saying, no no no we need those fields red only when a certain work order type is selected. If we are doing service work, we always fill in that field, but when we do installs, we do not fill in that field. Or, what do you mean they can still enter the information? No no no I don’t want them to have the ability to enter the information. I can also imagine that someone would want it to force the user to go from one field or another or not let them proceed unless they fill in the information.

    David, have you tried removing all the departments in your software? If no departments were available, they would have none to choose from. In the department list, it gives you the ability to inactive them. It also lets you delete them but I’d try inactivating rather than deleting. D

  3. Could you just de-activate the field and make the text the same color as the background of forms or greyed out? It would almost be just like “White out” on a form so your not seeing it but you aren’t messing with your layout either? I like the idea of this. There is a lot of stuff we don’t use on forms that just muddy the waters and a more focused view is always helpful.

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