Add additional contacts in Mobile WO

3 years agodeclined1

Can we add all contacts to the contact screen? It only shows the main number and techs don’t have quick/easy access to other numbers like alternative cell phones etc.

It would also be nice to be able to document a phone number as a preferred contact method. Maybe a check box or something.

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  1. Hello,

    Do you mean add the Contacts tab from the Customer:Job form to the work order?

    If yes, we do not wish to do that right now. It would have to be done to both TOM and the app, otherwise we would have complaints. Once we do that, people suggest other tabs and info be added from the customer form.

    As you may know, you are only two clicks from that information now (in the app). When looking at a work order, you click the “Customer” hyperlink. That takes you to the customer where you click “Contacts”. TOM is pretty much the same way. That seems pretty acceptable.

    Thank you.

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