Add Department as Required Field for Customer and SOM

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We want to be sure we are adding departments all over the software to take advantage of what we read regarding the dashboard system. Departments are very important.

In Preferences > Customer:Jobs > Company Preferences > Required Data. Please add “Department” as a required field.

In Preferences > Sales Opportunity Manager> Company Preferences > Required Data. Add “Department” as a required field.

2 thoughts on “Add Department as Required Field for Customer and SOM”

  1. I would not use the require department feature on customers simply because our customers usually by from multiple departments and if you assign them to one then all transactions associated with that customer will default to that department and defeat the purpose.

  2. Jeff Speakman

    Thanks for approving this. We need to make sure that sales leads have a department for the new dashboard. That was the main reason. We plan to set the customer department as nothing so when a lead gets created is will require a selection.

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