Add Equipment Column to Work Order Item Tab

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When creating an invoice from a work order, the parts on the items tab transfer to the invoice. The Invoice then has an equipment column to indicate where the part was used.

Shouldn’t the tech be able to indicate where the parts was used?

For customers with multiple machines, it would be helpful if our techs could optionally assign each item/part to the equipment serviced. This function exist on Estimates and Invoice. Why not add this to Work Orders too. This would be especially helpful to our office staff in instances where multiple machines were serviced at one location on a single work order.

3 thoughts on “Add Equipment Column to Work Order Item Tab”

  1. Quentin Collins

    This would simplify the field process and also increase the efficiency (speed) of the work flow out in the field for the technician to be able to do this on the work order prior to creating the invoice from the work order.

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