Stage On Inventory Part

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Ability to add a stage to a part for inventory counting purposes. IE – Counted / Not Counted/ New to Inventory/Not Stocked.
Also ability to batch update the stage of the inventory part.

3 thoughts on “Stage On Inventory Part”

  1. Yes. I am using it now and trying it that way. Only issue is for checks and balances I have to add any new parts to the list and you cant filter by date created. That works for me adding but getting everyone else to add it to the “Counted” list especially when they are adding parts for estimates late at night does not always happen. We use the general bin and but there is always a loop hole or work around . Smart lists works its just manually and adds a lot of man hours in the hunting phase of this process. Just think stage is such a powerful feature with Inventory being the bain of most everyone’s existence I would think it could be extremely beneficial to more then just us.

  2. I noticed you added a few fields to the inventory item list with date added/revised and revised by. That is extremely helpful field to have and much appreciated. Thank you.

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