Add “Terms” to the Aptora Mobile Purchase Order Form


Communicating to the accounting department how an item is purchase in the field is a very important component to a successful AP program.

I would like the Terms field to be added to the Purchase Order form on Aptora Mobile II.

3 thoughts on “Add “Terms” to the Aptora Mobile Purchase Order Form”

  1. We did add the terms to the TOM PO as you requested. You did not mention Aptora Mobile II. We will add this to mobile too but we have a lot of other work already planned.

  2. James,

    I did see where you added the terms to the PO in TOM….Thank you…I’ve already tested it and it works perfectly.

    I thought terms was already on the old Aptora Mobile (I can’t confirm that since we are the updated app) which is why I wouldn’t have included it in my support ticket. Once I realized it, I put the feature request in so it can be put in que.

    I can have my techs add how they paid in the PO memo in mobile and have my receiving manager update the PO terms in TOM temporarily until this feature can be completed.

    Thanks for considering this request and my apologies for not adding it to the original support ticket.


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