We would like an alternative method to document what items were used.

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We realize that inventory material does come out automatically if invoiced properly, but for inventory purposes it would be nice to have a way the techs can put in what was used off there truck for replenishment.

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  1. Hello Kevin,

    The idea is to have the techs enter the items they used for a task or for any time and material type of job. No matter what, they enter the items used for inventory (replenishment and costing) purposes. This is true with installations or maintenance too.

    If they quote a flat rate task that has pricing, they can add the items they used with a $0.00 retail price. There is a preference to not show items with a retail price of $0.00.

    If they use group items, they need to add and or remove items from that group to match the reality of what happened.

    If you use service items for tasks, the user adds the items used as a last step. The retail price of those items would be $0.00. That way, the work order or invoice price is still the same as what was quoted.

    Please let us know if you need more information. A training session might be helpful.

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