Aptora Mobile – Option Presenting to the Customer

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In Aptora mobile would like the ability to present packaged options to customers that include several specific groups/tasks and only show the price of the entire package (and not each individual group/task that makes up the package). Basically, a flat rate for several flat rate groups/tasks selected by the tech in the field that are specific to the customer’s concern or issues. As an example – offer a water softener, a tankless water heater, shut off valve, and a service agreement for one fixed price (which would simply be the sum of each group offered in the package). Right now, there is no way to do this in Aptora Mobile and we are having to do this outside of the Aptora Mobile using another software package. Benefits: It’s a cleaner presentation for the customer and most importantly for Aptora users, we could see significant revenue growth by allowing the ability to present packages this way. Present 5 packages of services, of which, all would address the customer’s concern at various price levels. The customer could then select the package that is best for them and their budget. An example presentation has been attached.

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  1. This would be a wonderful feature as we continue to improve our customer experience through one software. Right now we are doing something similar but with paper and additional software. I would also add a button next to each option for the customer to choose or decline options and have that data saved with customer file.

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