Author name: Michael King

Streamlining inventory counts

Would like to see the development of a dedicated inventory count module (in a lightweight or mobile version) – whereby you can scan a part using a bar code scanner (or search for it by name, category, subcategory, sales description, etc.), it pulls it up in Aptora, and you can add your physical count for …

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Item Reservation List

1.) Allow the user in TOM to use the “Reimbursables list” in the work order forms. Many times adding reimbursables to an invoice is too late in the process as the techs have already performed the work and collected payment. Add a notification that there are reimbursables available for the work order when the work …

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Multiple Alias Part Numbers

Would like the ability to assign multiple alias part numbers from the same vendor. A simple example, multiple types of pex fittings are available from the same vendor under different skus. We would like the ability to roll all of the vendor skus up to our primary part – right now we only have the …

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Applied Job Burden

Can we create an option to apply overhead burden to invoices and jobs based off a fixed dollar amount per labor hour charged to that job/work order i.e. charge $40 of overhead per labor hour expended (or even charged)? Right now the only options are as a percentage of final amount or a fixed amount. …

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Retail Price Updates

Would like to request the ability to batch update the retail price for only certain categories of inventory items (rather than everything) – for instance, we have experienced a massive increase in the raw material prices of plastic based products and would only like to update the retail prices for these types of products (for …

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Mark Up Tables

Would like the ability to change the mark up table at the job level as a pre-set setting. We do a ton of work for contractors – some are bid (flat rate), some are time and material, and some are cost plus. We can perform work for the same contractor under all of these methods …

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Separate client emails for work order and invoice notifications

We have several clients where they have requested the work order notifications be sent to one email address and invoices sent to a different one. Currently only one email address is supported in TOM/Mobile and so both the work order and invoice are going to the same person without manual intervention.

TOM Contact Log

Right now there is no recorded history of invoices or correspondence sent from Mobile. We suggest, particularly with invoices sent from mobile, that they be recorded to the ToM contact log so there is history and “proof” that the invoice was in fact sent to the customer. It’s important to track all billing correspondence and …

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