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Would like the ability to change the mark up table at the job level as a pre-set setting. We do a ton of work for contractors – some are bid (flat rate), some are time and material, and some are cost plus. We can perform work for the same contractor under all of these methods and it causes some accounting headaches and errors when the default mark up table is pulled from the customer level.

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  1. Hello Mike,

    When you enter a job, under a customer, you can set a default markup. That markup is then used for estimates and more.

    If not there, where do you see the job’s default markup being set?


  2. Thanks for your reply. What about an option to set the mark up table at the work order level, where it defaults from the customer level but we have the ability to change on a work order by work order basis? We don’t use the Job set up for every customer job, although we do appreciate this functionality.

  3. Hello Mike,

    This would be a good discussion on

    I want to share my feelings on work like this and I do not want to appear like I am complaining.

    A common concern I have with work like this is having one feature of the software behaving like another feature that has a different purpose. We could add markups to the work order, like the invoice has. We could also start adding other things such as equipment selection, install date, sales tax, and the rest of the columns found on the invoice. The work order would basically become an invoice. That is one of our dilemmas.

    It is hard to balance ease of use with feature packing. If we added every feature requested on the forum, the software would be more complicated than it already is. We lose clients to ServiceTitan, which is easier to use because it is so weak. I am sure no one leaves Aptora for ServiceTitan because we do not have 99% of the things people ask for here. No one leaves Aptora because work orders do not have markups or because you cannot change the product once your save a sales opportunity. I often think that we should be creating bells and whistles like ServiceTitan, so that I can become a billionaire like they are.

    I would love to take conversation like this to Facebook and have a lot of people offer me their advice. I am honestly looking for a better way and the best approach.

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