TOM Contact Log


Right now there is no recorded history of invoices or correspondence sent from Mobile. We suggest, particularly with invoices sent from mobile, that they be recorded to the ToM contact log so there is history and “proof” that the invoice was in fact sent to the customer. It’s important to track all billing correspondence and right now Mobile is creating a major gap in tracking this data.

2 thoughts on “TOM Contact Log”

  1. That is one reason why we include the BBC in the email settings. Each time an email is sent, you would receive a copy in a special folder that certain workers have access to. That also makes it easier to resend a document when someone says they never received it. It also proves you sent it.

    1. This is helpful but does not help with the audit log of contact history for the client, say when you need to turn over records to collections. And this is also not a centralized place to store contact history where it is easily accessible by the accounting department (or operations). Thanks!

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