Attach Pictures to Estimates in Mobile 2 which flows to WO

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There needs to be a way to add pictures easily to an estimate while in the field, then the pictures need to be able to flow automatically through to the work order for viewing by the installer. A simple pop up could ask if attached document links should follow to the next step when creating a WO from estimate.

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  1. Hello Flora,

    You can add files (including images) to a Customer:Job using the Documents Links feature. They may then be easily opened by any desktop or mobile user. They key is that the files or images are in the Document Links for that Customer:Job. All of this is true for a work order or other records. The files are associated with that record (like a work order) and can be managed with the Customer:Job Document Links.

    Estimates do not allow for images to be inserted within them. When you email an estimate from mobile, you can add one or more files including images. Those do not automatically get added to the Document Links though.

    All of this applies to the Total Office Manager desktop program and the mobile app.

    I hope that helps.


  2. Flora, I think this is would be a great feature. For Estimate A these specific pictures ( doc links) be associated directly to it and then subsequently the WO. For some sites the document links gets filled up fast.

    Example for us that would be great. Go change this motor. Snap… all the other stuff equipment, history etc is still important but see a value in the file association

  3. In Total Office Manager you can do what you are describing (if I am understanding properly). We do not have that ability in the mobile app. The app will never do everything the full desktop will. You may wish to consider using the full Total Office Manager in the field. We have many companies that do that. They use laptops and even larger tablets and run the entire desktop program.

  4. James, I was out of town last week so I wasn’t given a change to partake in the conversation. How do the pictures that come to TOM via the estimate flow to the WO. I don’t see a mechanism for the doc links to transfer from the estimate to the WO when a WO is created from the estimate. I understand that you can attach the pictures to the estimate and the view them in TOM, but I don’t see that you have the second part of the feature request.
    Thanks, Bryan

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