Author name: Flora Rummel

Exclude Any Item from the Markup Table

Please give the ability to exclude any item from the markup table. When the item is excluded the price would be determined by the retail amount on the item level. This could be done with a check box at the item level similar to the check box excluding the item from commission.

After Hours Service WO Time Sheets Tied to Specific Payroll Item

Would like to see a way to link after hours work orders to an overtime or double time payroll item through the time sheets. This could be done through the WO type being set to After Hours which would then track the time sheets to a specific payroll item.

Auto Check Mobile Time Sheet Entries as Reimbursable

There really needs to be a company setting that will check mobile generated time sheets as reimbursable. Going back to the time sheet entries to manually check entries reimbursable for every invoice is very time consuming.

Access reimbursables for Mobile II Invoicing

It would be nice for the techs to be able to access reimbursables from mobile II while invoicing from the field. This would be ideal when the tech returns for the repair after PO was received. Would also work well for Time plus Material jobs when the items are ordered in advance.