More Phone Numbers Flowing to Mobile II Work Order

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There needs to be more phone number options on the work orders in Mobile II. Two or both possible solutions would work here.
1. Have the contacts tab for the customer profile available in mobile II
2. Have the option to add the additional contact info from the address tab in the customer profile which would include alt phone, cell phone, alt contact, and owner. Also, I doubt anyone needs the pager and pager pin fields. It is 2021 after all!

Maybe the appropriate number could be selected from a list when the call is taken, and the WO is created. Our techs struggle to efficiently contact our customers when doing courtesy arrival and follow up calls because of this issue. We have resorted to manually typing the appropriate phone numbers in the notes as needed which is multiple entry and error prone. The phone information is already present on the customer’s profile, just need it available to the techs.

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  1. Hello Flora,

    With a single click, the user can open the full customer information screen that includes the Contacts tab. Is that not quick enough?

    We are trying not to clutter up the work order screen with fields that appear elsewhere and that the user can get to with one or two clicks.

    What are your opinions on that? I would like to know please.

    Comment: I doubt anyone needs the pager and pager pin fields
    Response: We agree. However, over the years, users have entered a lot of information into those fields and have come to rely on it being there.


  2. James,
    Can you access the customer information screen from the WO? I believe it is 6 clicks to back out of the WO and go find the alternate contacts in addition to having to search the customers name to get there. It really is a lot of navigation and took me 31 seconds to complete when I started at the WO. Then you still have to go back into the WO from there to complete the transaction with several more clicks. Maybe I am missing something but I can not find a way to access the alt contact numbers from the WO itself. It would be really great to pull up the WO and have all contact info available so if they did not answer on one number we could try the alternate numbers efficiently. A visible label would be helpful also such as husband, wife, home, work, cell..ect. This has been a request from our dispatch and service team. Thank you for your consideration and reply!

  3. Good Morning Flora,

    I am really glad you asked about this, because I might be missing something too. We are really working to make the mobile app easier to use and want feedback.

    I have attached a gif that shows how to go from the work order to the customer’s Contacts tab in two clicks. One click takes you right back to where you were.

    Please have a look and see if this clears it up or if I have misunderstood.

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