Convert WO into Multi-Day WO from Schedule Board

3 years agodeclined1

We need the ability to easily convert any WO into a multi day WO and add additional days to a multi day WO FROM the schedule board (Total Field Control). The WO should be able to be “copied and pasted” to an additional day or days and also copied to another technician’s schedule without going back to TOM and going through the tedious process of editing each day/time/tech. This would save time and enable us to schedule the multi day WO around previously scheduled work for each individual tech.

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  1. Hello Flora,

    I am sorry to say that we are not able to do that work, due to technical reasons. It is a good idea but not possible at this point. We have documented this request though. If it can be done in the future, as our technology changes, we will revisit it.


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