Install Date Field On Invoices That Populates Equipment Dates and Prints on Invoices

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Please add a date field that can be set as a semi-required field for “Install Date” to invoices (ie. a warning message that says “Install date is blank, please verify the install date is accurate.”). This field should NOT auto-populate from anything (WO, estimate, etc) and should be manually selected. Please create a company preference to have the install date populate the equipment date (instead of the Invoice date) when creating customer equipment. Installation and Invoice dates are 2 completely separate things in almost all cases. It’s usually invoice the day before or the day after more than the day of.

Reason: The majority of our business is builder or contract business that is billed out after the work is done for serialized items. It may take us up to 7-10 days to actually invoice based on our volume. I cannot set the invoice date back in time to match install as our clock starts for terms at the date of the deadline. However, my warranty dates start at the date of install. It can also fall past the deadline for sales tax forcing me to put incorrect dates or make amended sales tax forms if changed the invoice date to match install dates.

Side note: work ship date populates with incorrect information on every invoice because it’s using estimate work/ship dates. If a user forgets to delete this or update this date, it leads to confusion or inaccurate data. I would like to see this date blank too as an option.

2 thoughts on “Install Date Field On Invoices That Populates Equipment Dates and Prints on Invoices”

  1. Hello Bryan,

    One thing we could do that would take very little programming time is to leave the Ship/Work Date field empty when it comes from an estimate. Would that help?

    The other work would have to be considered and dealt with at a later time.


  2. Bryan Capritta


    Thank you for considering that! That would be very helpful in our situation to have work ship date blank. I would really appreciate that.

    I don’t know if this could be possible, but Work/ship date could be a date field rather than free form. That date could then populate equipment date instead of invoice. This is essentially “install date” anyway.

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