Exclude Any Item from the Markup Table

3 years agoopen2

Please give the ability to exclude any item from the markup table. When the item is excluded the price would be determined by the retail amount on the item level. This could be done with a check box at the item level similar to the check box excluding the item from commission.

2 thoughts on “Exclude Any Item from the Markup Table”

  1. I just want to be clear on functionality first.

    When creating or editing an item, the Markup Method suggests a retail price but you can enter a retail price manually that is different. The Markup Method will not affect what you entered. The Retail Price you entered will be used on an invoice unless the customer has a Markup Method assigned to it. The item will use that Markup Method when added to an invoice. You can clear the Markup Method from the invoice header when you create an invoice and the invoice will then use each items’ retail price.

    With that in mind, do you want to lock the retail price from being influenced by the customer’s Markup Method (the one that is in the header area of the invoice)?

  2. Yes, the main item that give us trouble is our mileage charge. In this case the cost and the retail value are the same so the only way to make it work with the markup table, without having to remember to manually clear the markup table on that item on each invoice, is to enter a false cost on the item so the markup value is correct. Not a huge deal, just makes the costing for that item incorrect. There would be other lower market value items where it would be nice to exclude them from the markup tables as well when they don’t fit well in the pricing structure.

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