Client PO in History


Our Commercial Industrial customers mostly work off their PO numbers for jobs. We can see the client PO in each work order but it would be nice to have a column in history under work orders for the Client PO. When they call in they only reference their PO number and not our work order number. The history is used by the dispatcher when they are referencing a tickets that are on certain PO’s.

3 thoughts on “Client PO in History”

    1. This is something we are requesting in TOM customer history work order tab as one of the columns. We know it exists in the work order list but when customers call in our go to is the customer history to see their current A/R status and the ability to see all the work orders listed. By having a column for Client PO they would be able to sort by Client PO like they do any of the other columns.
      (This is how my dispatcher is explaining their process)

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