Author name: Zack Thomas

Items in Form Builder

A discussion has been taking place on Facebook in regards to adding the ability to select items from the item list in Form Builder.

Prevent Emailing from Mobile

Is there a way to prevent techs using mobile from sending a WO, Invoice, or other email to a specific customer in the field? Is there a setting in TOM that would prevent email abilities for a certain customer from Mobile? This could be checked when setting up the customer so all emails originate from …

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Offline Mode for Mobile

We have noticed an issue with our techs that they will loose cell reception and still be in a work order. They will fill everything out in their notes and go to save but without reception it does not.

Timesheet Earning Item

In Mobile security is either granted or denied to the advanced tab on Manual Timesheet entry. Is it possible to have the Earning Item on the time entry tab? This would make it easier for the field techs to be able to select their vacation or PTO time. Right now the supervisor has to go …

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Client PO in History

Our Commercial Industrial customers mostly work off their PO numbers for jobs. We can see the client PO in each work order but it would be nice to have a column in history under work orders for the Client PO. When they call in they only reference their PO number and not our work order …

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Remove Duration arrows on work orders

While in mobile our techs are complaining that when they swipe they are inadvertently changing the time duration on the work order. Can this just be a fill in box and remove the arrows?

Edit of Parent not affecting Children

Please add the functionality of editing the parent account details like Company Name and DBA Name to auto Filter or an option to apply to all children. We had a company change their name and now have to update 200 children accounts to reflect the new name.

Estimate to Sale

We utilize SOM and estimates. When an install estimate is accepted we will typically turn the estimate into an invoice to bill the customer as Aptora training says. But when a customer comes in to pay cash or check we turn the Estimate into a Sale since it is cash in hand again per Aptora …

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