Author name: Zack Thomas

Force Info Stamp

We would like to see Info stamp forced on the notes section. We just recently ran into an issue not knowing how old the note was on a customer or who placed it there. So forcing the info stamp with time date and user would be great so the note is tagged

Schedule Board Release Notes

Since Schedule Board is now updated separate of TOM can you add the release notes to the website for the Schedule Board Releases? I see release notes for each version of TOM and Mobile but nothing about the schedule board and there are no notes in the recent release about the updates to the schedule …

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Updates in MSI Package

We would like to be able to update all machines running TOM thru Group Policy. Does Aptora offer the Updates in MSI packages?

Speed Enhancement

Please make a company preference or user security option to eliminate the Information Center as this is a memory hog. Schedule board is also a memory hog pulling triple what TOM pulls in computer resources. See attached picture of normal resources. possible web-based schedule board?

Schedule Board for Dispatch Monitor

We would like to see the ability to load the schedule board on a separate large screen monitor. The concern right now is using a TOM license just to place the schedule board on a display monitor.

Lock the ability to remove captured signature

We have noticed that TOM users can view the captured signature from Mobile but anyone with the ability to edit a work order in TOM can also remove that signature easily. I would to see a security setting for this.