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  1. What I think you are saying is it would be nice to be able to have one sign in for Aptora. Currently we have to remember our Windows log in (Hosted User) and Aptora log in to be able to sign in, this does get annoying only because we are only using the windows machine to be able to use Aptora.

    1. This is exactly what I am talking about in the Hosted environment just the one login and that would authenticate you into Aptora as well.
      In the non-hosted environment this AD integration would allow a single point for password resets we have finally got down to 1 password for windows login, network domain, Microsoft Office, E-Mail, and a few other apps we use internally. Any of our users can log in at any desk or office location and it is like they are at their desk. This allows for movement and has been a huge help with Covid. AD integration also allows for a single place to turn off access when an employee is no longer with the company.

    1. Jeff,

      Active Directory (AD) is common in environments where computers are connected to a domain controller (server) that authenticates permissions. AD allows a centralized place to set computer login permissions and what computers do on your network. In our case it allows our users to move from workstation to workstation or office to office and to them it looks like they are always on their workstation. They have access to all their documents and since all of our computers are setup identical it allows them to access everything from everywhere. AD also allows integration with software that gives permission such as office, outlook, and 3rd party software to use the windows login to access everything. This has become more and more helpful with work from home as it is becoming more popular. This is not an integration that will happen overnight as it requires quite a bit of programming to accomplish but we look forward to it. Aptora is one of only 2 apps we use that do not allow for it.


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