Schedule Board for Dispatch Monitor

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We would like to see the ability to load the schedule board on a separate large screen monitor. The concern right now is using a TOM license just to place the schedule board on a display monitor.

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  1. Would you need to be able to use (interact) the schedule board on that large screen like you would on a regular monitor? Or, will this be used just to monitor things? If that’s the case, what information would you need to see? Here are some other thoughts: Could you use a mobile license to display the calendar in Aptora Mobile II? A mobile license is cheaper. Could this large screen monitor be connected to someone’s computer as a third monitor? They could leave the schedule board up and just ignore that monitor. Note: We don’t have a way to run the schedule board without running TOM. The schedule board needs TOM for connectivity, security, preferences, etc.

  2. We do not need to interact but sometimes the board is very large and we planned on using a PC Stick (full Windows 10) to get to TOM. I more envisioned a license specifically for a dispatch board. Yes TOM login but my example follows:

    Schedule Board License for dispatch monitor only grants access to the schedule board so it would not be the cost of a full TOM license but upon login they only thing that user could do was access the board so TOM can still run in the background to provide info to the board but not be interacted with. We have 4 locations that we would deploy such a monitor which would be either 4 mobile licenses that are constantly in use or 4 TOM licenses that are in use. If there is a way to have a licensed user that is restricted to schedule board and not the rest of TOM it could be offer at a lower cost than a full TOM license.

    2nd option a way to access the schedule board via an internal website so it could be used in a browser. Then it could work on any device. This would then be able to work on a google box which would reduce cost of IT equipment. We could then use a touch screen monitor so it could be interactive.

    Just throwing out some ideas.

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