Remove Software Update in Mobile

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We have noticed that all our mobile users are now being notified on their home screen that a software update is available for the server side of mobile. Our field users do not need to know this. The people who control the updates and have support site logins get notifications from Aptora. There is no reason to notify field techs of an available update. This has caused multiple users to call in to request the update when we normally wait to ensure the update is stable before applying. There is no user permission to turn this off.

2 thoughts on “Remove Software Update in Mobile”

  1. The mobile app has notified users when there is a software update for a lot of years. The new user interface presents the notification slightly differently than it used to. It’s possible people are just now noticing it for the first time.

    I recall it being a feature request. Someone had mentioned that it was a bad idea to have to use the configuration utility to find out if there’s an update. They’re suggestion was to notify the user that there was an update.

    We can make this a preference if there is demand for it.

    1. Thank you James this is very helpful. I was looking thru our old screenshots of mobile and noticed it in our internal training guide as being present. You are right they are just now seeing it and causing them to think about it. I check the config utility each week for updates as part of my normal procedures.

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