ZONE WORK ORDERS on the Schedule Board

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This is one idea for zoning but open to suggestions. Zoning Zip Codes by Color Groups. If these five zip codes = Blue Work Orders on the Schedule board your call taker would be able to quickly see where to put call to minimize drive time on your tech. If you could fit one or two more calls in a day because you were able to minimize drive time, save on gas, and put that much more money in the bank; worth every penny. Zoning is needed so badly in Total Office Manager for call takers to easily see where to place callers. One way is to assign zip codes a color so when they show up on the schedule board, blue, yellow, red, etc. You know where to quickly find a spot that is near the customer you are on the phone with.

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  1. Zip codes can be a bit cryptic for some users. The numbers of two zip codes might be close but they may not be near to each other. Some zip codes cover a huge area too. Zip codes may not always help you determine actual drive time. I have been to many cities where you can see where you are going but you might be an hour from getting there.

    For now, you can add the Work Zip Code field to the Work Order and move that field up to the top so it can be seen easily. I believe that is an option.

    The Big Question For Me: What information do you need exactly and when do you need it?

    Is this for demand service or organizing future work on a particular day?

    Are you trying to find out what technician would have the least amount of drive time to get there?
    -Example: Take a call at 9:00AM and you want to know who will be the closest to their address and at approximately what time.

    Do you need to know the drive time to the service location for each technician on the road at any given moment?

    Do you need this information when you create the work order for the first time or would you need it later on?

    Could the map include additional information that would help? Like maybe show all work orders for the day (like we do now) but include a static label with the techs name and the time they are expected to be finished. You would be able to say “Jon should be finished with his service call at 2:00PM today and he will only be about two miles from your house.” So you would assign the WO to Jon for after 2:00PM.

    This is a good discussion for Facebook. I would like to see this area used for features that are beyond the discussion phase. I will watch for answers in both places though.


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