Author name: Amanda Potter

TEXT customer base for marketing purposes

I enjoy the auto text feature the customers receive for appointments/WO reminders, etc, But I would also love to be able to text customer groups occasionally about promotions going on from inside TOM desktop. Pull certain zip codes when trying to find work, and/or text members reminding them to use their coupons before expiring, etc.

Scheduling Wizard Enhance

Love the new scheduling Wizard Phase 1. Next update hoping it will allow us to schedule a (new) customer account from there as well, not just existing customer accounts. Also, allow us to right click anywhere throughout those wizard step-by-steps and go directly to their History if the customer has a quick question to answer, …

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TOM Mobile Schedule Board View

During afterhours emergency service hours our on-call dispatchers don’t have access to their office ‘schedule board’ offered on the desktop Total Office Manager to reference where to quickly place calls. BUT, on TOM Mobile there is a Company Calendar offered, if you Click on the ‘Timeline’ view. My idea is to add to the filtering …

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