Check out the Scheduling Wizard!

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Love where TOM is going with this Scheduling wizard idea! For phase two of it, I’m suggesting that if the customer’s name not found in the drop down menu (step 1) that the call taker is able to click ‘New Customer’ and setup a new customer account there as well so they don’t have to leave the screen. If I can keep my call takers on that same screen, that is ideal when taking a phone call.

#2 Also, More often than not, customers will have a question about their history. Ex. Who was that tech that was last out to my house? Or, when was my last maintenance. Can you add the ability to (Right Click) from any of those wizard steps and go to their history from there. Again so they don’t have to leave the screen they are on.

Keep up the good work on these beneficial tools for Call flow efficiency!! Great!

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