Track small Tools & Equipment that get checked out to WO’s

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Working with Adam today to see how we could track assets like, small tools and equipment that get checked out for WO’s upon request. How to check them in and out and know where they currently are at (what WO they are assigned to/Employee they are assigned to/Customer:Job they are assigned to). I like how on the schedule board under ‘Lists’ you can select to display (Tools & Equipment) but it’s missing just a few small things that would make a world of difference for the employee trying to check them in and out. From that List, ability to Right Click on the asset and ‘transfer it’ right from the schedule board list…. either back to the Main Warehouse, or the next WO, wherever it’s physically going. That one thing alone would be huge for the person tracking these tools down, as well as adding a few more fields on the display to show the employee it’s currently checked out to, WO#, and Customer:Job, so it’s easy to understand where it is, or where it last was…… last note. I noticed in the history of that asset it shows date (but that’s only the current date ie. Today) but really, Date it was checked out ( ie. Start Date), and date Returned (ie. End Date).

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  1. We ending up creating a new employee called “Stinger Ladder” and selected to show on dispatch board. This allowed us to see the ladder on our board and assign it to customer jobs. This is a big ladder and we always had issue with over booking jobs and the ladder was already assigned to someone else. The current asset tracking system did not so a good job of managing assets assigned to technicians or jobs from the schedule board.

  2. Tony,
    That’s a very interesting solution. I too have had trouble tracking assets needed for jobs. The program allows you to double book so that can be an issue. The addition of this feature request would be very helpful.

    Steven LeBlanc

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