Scheduling Wizard Enhance

3 years agoopen0Offers to Contribute: $1,000.00

Love the new scheduling Wizard Phase 1. Next update hoping it will allow us to schedule a (new) customer account from there as well, not just existing customer accounts. Also, allow us to right click anywhere throughout those wizard step-by-steps and go directly to their History if the customer has a quick question to answer, like when last tech was out, last date of maintenance, etc.

One last thing. When I change the different schedule board profiles, the trucks that show on the map tab don’t change with it to match the people. It shows the entire company fleet of vehicles instead of the just the ‘Profile’ or Department’ schedule board I’m on. That is a little overwhelming to view it that way with so many vehicles and hard to quickly see where those particular people are on the map in that dept.

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