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During afterhours emergency service hours our on-call dispatchers don’t have access to their office ‘schedule board’ offered on the desktop Total Office Manager to reference where to quickly place calls.

BUT, on TOM Mobile there is a Company Calendar offered, if you Click on the ‘Timeline’ view. My idea is to add to the filtering options on the side bar, to be able to select the schedule board ‘profiles’ that are viewable on the desktop version of Total Office Manager. That would give those dispatchers the ability to easily select the group of employees they are trying to book a call on. Example: Plumbers, HVAC, Comfort Advisors, Home Serivce….all our different department groups depending on what type of phone call they are taking.

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  1. Rather than try to get Aptora Mobile II to be like Total Office Manager, could you allow users to remote into their desktop and use TOM? They could even do this with a tablet using a remote desktop type of software. Google Chrome has this built in.

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