Automatically switch payroll item to overtime after 40 hours

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It is time consuming to go in and manually switch payroll item around and create new time sheets for employees with overtime to pay them correctly. Would like to see this happen automatically with no manual entry required.

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  1. Repost From Tina:
    I was thinking something like QB where you would setup overtime rules. i.e. anything over “x” a day or anything over “x” per week. Program would change regular earnings into overtime, with a warning on save. This would be helpful especially if you are giving holiday or other non worked hourly pay. However, we have earnings codes for these, i.e. holiday, travel, etc. The main use for this would be for actual time sheet entries. These are actual “worked” hours and should convert automatically when overtime rules (preset) apply. In QB the rule was anything over 40 hours “worked” in a pay period was converted to overtime. Holiday etc was non worked and was paid at regular time. I really like the way QB sets up the rules

  2. As soon as the employee reaches 40 hours the time sheet ends and starts a new time sheet for the same customer/WO with the OT payroll item selected. Any additional timesheets for this pay period would automatically use the OT payroll item. When the new pay period starts the time sheets automatically return to the regular payroll item.

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