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We would like to have overtime calculated automatically. We average 60 employees weekly with overtime that have to be manually fixed, this allows for human error. It could be done similar to QB with overtime rules.

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  1. Please add a set of overtime rules to this feature request. Do we also track hours per day? Many states have laws for daily time. Which payroll earning item do we automatically select? Users can have multiple earning items used for overtime. Does the program change a regular time earning item to an overtime earning item on save? Do we warn the user about changing their earning item? What if a single line entry includes regular time and overtime? How will that line entry be split so that anything over 40 is overtime? Would all of this need to be added to Aptora Mobile II?

    1. Would this be a change to the Earning type? Add a flag for ‘Eligible for Overtime’. When the flag is selected, additional fields would become available to set the perameter for OT calculation as well as priority sequencing (select 1st to convert, etc.). The Earning type could allow for automatic Overtime conversion after 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week (or whatever the custom scenario) and automatically convert in the custom priority sequence.

  2. I was thinking something like QB where you would setup overtime rules. i.e. anything over “x” a day or anything over “x” per week. Program would change regular earnings into overtime, with a warning on save. This would be helpful especially if you are giving holiday or other non worked hourly pay. However, we have earnings codes for these, i.e. holiday, travel, etc. The main use for this would be for actual time sheet entries. These are actual “worked” hours and should convert automatically when overtime rules (preset) apply. In QB the rule was anything over 40 hours “worked” in a pay period was converted to overtime. Holiday etc was non worked and was paid at regular time. I really like the way QB sets up the rules

  3. Donna
    I agree. From everything I am hearing from other states, overtime is calculated one of three ways, per day, per week or per pay period. In our state it is based off of a 40 hour work week(7 days), week can start on any day. I like the idea of having a pay type be eligible for overtime instead of assuming that all types would have overtime.

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