Author name: Tina Calma

Document Manager

First need to be able to customize the File Name and Alias. This could be an option when setting up forms or creating links. Choose what you want to include in file name such as: WO#, Cust Name, WO Description, Location etc. You could have it default to include the first 10 of the prefix …

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Need to use GEOTIME for our crewman. Crewman do not need to access mobile. The need to be able to use a 4 digit pin to login. Select the location/work order they are at for the day and hit Working/Stop Working. Do not want to have to assign work orders to 78 crewman. Need to …

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Copy Filters

Ability to copy an existing filter. When copied it would save as “copy- name of original filter”. Then you could edit the filter and rename.

Budget by Department Rollup to One

The ability to have a budget for departments fall under a parent budget for the entire company. So that departmentalized budgets can be combined into one Company budget.

Edit Asset Disposed Date

Currently the Asset Disposed Date defaults todays date. If for whatever reason you sell an asset like a Truck you may not record the sale the actual date you sell it. For example we had a vehicle that we sold this year at the end of December. We did not record the day the transaction …

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Custom Forms Template

When designing a custom form (invoice, PO etc.) it would be create to have a template available for modification. The hardest part of the form design is getting the headers, footers and body setup correctly. And for certain items to group, subtotal and total. If the original form was available, then we could modify and …

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1095C & 1094C

Form 1095C & 1094C created. We need this form for yearly filings. All of the info is already in Aptora, the report just needs to be built out.