1095C & 1094C

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Form 1095C & 1094C created. We need this form for yearly filings. All of the info is already in Aptora, the report just needs to be built out.

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  1. Hi Tina:

    We have reviewed these forms and unfortunately, not all information needed for this form is available in Total Office Manager. We do not store dependent information needed for this form. What some customers have done for this is created the forms in our Aptora Mobile Form Builder program. Through this avenue, you can input the necessary information and replace the form each year.

  2. I know this is not possible for this year, but all the info is there with the exception of the dependents. I think I would be easy enough to include this in their employee file. As this also is where their insurance selection and effective date will be stored. Trying to keep things under one roof.

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