Man Hours Instead of Labor Minutes

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Provide a preference to use Man Hours instead of Labor Minutes

3 thoughts on “Man Hours Instead of Labor Minutes”

  1. Idea to Consider

    The term Labor Minutes is used in numerous places. The software does not really understand what is entered here. In other words, it could be minutes or hours. You just need to be consistent. You could enter 1 for an hour or .25 for fifteen minutes.

    We could rename Labor Minutes to Labor Units everywhere. We would then need to allow users to add a decimal point. That way, it could be minutes or hours or even days.

    Would that work for everyone?

  2. Where I see the issue with that is on timesheets and dispatch. It is my understanding that all the reporting is tied to minutes. How would that work with time sheets? Also we dispatch in hours not minutes. Not sure how that would work. I would love to talk through further.

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