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First need to be able to customize the File Name and Alias. This could be an option when setting up forms or creating links. Choose what you want to include in file name such as: WO#, Cust Name, WO Description, Location etc. You could have it default to include the first 10 of the prefix of your choice.
Second: Need functionality within Document Manager. Filter List like the ones we are accustom to in other list. Selection and editing, like what we have in items list. Where you could select multiple documents and change their category. This will make document approvals a breeze.
Third: Capability to select, email or print straight from Document Manager. I envision this working with a right click menu or as in other list a drop down menu at top.
Fourth: I would like to be able to include with the invoice or any other correspondence , selected Documents. Currently if you want to include, you have to go into Document Manager, download then attach at the time of email.

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  1. Hi Tina:

    We are going to add the ability to filter for free. We also reviewed your remaining items and agree this is an important feature to enhance. We would like to see more input for things people are looking for with regards to document management.

  2. I would like to see batch upload functions enhanced. For example, I would like to upload any number of pictures and label them all “Serial Numbers” or “Signed Form” or “Pre-walkthrough pictures” so that I can quickly review sets of pictures. Our main use for document links is photos as opposed to “Documents” or “forms”.

    Selecting document link files to include when printing or PDF-ing a form would be huge. For example, if you are sending an email to address cosmetic damage, you could send the work order and attach the pictures of the damage/serial number/etc.

    I know I keep coming back to it too (I don’t mean to be a broken record), but photo thumbnails would solve a lot of problems. Perhaps in the new API, this can be solved with a “hover to view” functionality on the web form. I can already see the new API could really improve a lot, so I am excited to see it. I would also LOVE to be a tester.

    The other thought is that document links and photos are treated as 2 different things completely since photos are kind of their own category. I don’t know if that would open up programming options or not if it was treated as a brand new feature. Just a brainstorming thought.

    Last, some way to upload from local desktop files to cloud-hosted TOM would be helpful. Maybe I am missing something but uploading a file for a desktop user is a 10 step process of re-locating files to a shared folder in the cloud before selecting the document link.

  3. We utilize the document manager a lot for job pictures and quality control. We require job pictures on every job and we review every picture on all invoices daily. This is a time consuming issue as everyone already knows because you have to open each one to view. Sometimes you have guys that upload all the picture twice because they do not realize that the pictures already uploaded and they are not going to open each one to see what the file is. Just takes way to long for that. Maybe you can have a photo upload button and a document upload button to differentiate the two. The big issue is the time it takes to view anything in the document viewer system. We need thumbnails to quickly see what we need to see and get back to work.
    It would also help if the images that are uploaded somehow reference the form they are uploaded to. So if we upload a picture from mr smith at 123 Nowhere Lane from invoice 12345 the file name could 123nowherelane_invoice12344.image1.png or something like this. We have tried to view picture from the file on the remote desktops that all the images get saved to but with no easy way to know where the picture was taken we would only be able to look at the day the picture was upload and compare to the invoices from that day.
    Also would be nice if the techs could upload the pictures the document image folder during the job and at the job be able to select and easily add to invoice to send to the customer.

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