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Need to use GEOTIME for our crewman. Crewman do not need to access mobile. The need to be able to use a 4 digit pin to login. Select the location/work order they are at for the day and hit Working/Stop Working. Do not want to have to assign work orders to 78 crewman. Need to be able to restrict the visible work orders. We don’t want them to have to look through hundreds of work orders to find the project for the day. These are large projects and typically last for weeks and months.
Also like to it to take a pic for employee verification.
When clocking out for the day, a Statement of no work related injury for the day.

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  1. We have a similar issue and trialed Time Tracker Plus. It offers the ability to use the 4 digit code but not a start stop function. We have also found it can only work with 1 Database. Taking the features of GeoTime Tracker and Time Tracker Plus to combine them would be awesome. This allows for the start stop of Geo but the functionality of TimeTracker Plus.
    We have been having the same issue with how to deal with install crews and creating work orders for every person becomes crazy for our install managers.

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