Attach Pictures to Estimates in Mobile 2 which flows to WO

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There needs to be a way to add pictures easily to an estimate while in the field, then the pictures need to be able to flow automatically through to the work order for viewing by the installer. A simple pop up could ask if attached document links should follow to the next step when creating a WO from estimate.

** Please refer to the previous feature request with the same title and refer to the comment section for clarification on why it was prematurely closed. Can the previous request please be opened back up and retain the comments and votes. **

3 thoughts on “Attach Pictures to Estimates in Mobile 2 which flows to WO”


      Specifically, the ability to have images show up within the estimate or work order itself so that when the customer opens the estimate, an image of say a bad contactor is displayed under the line item or next to the line item.

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