Fix the “Bar Codes” button on the Receive Items and Enter Bill screen


My inventory manager is constantly having to edit purchase descriptions and reprinting labels because the “Bar Codes” button on the Receive Items and Enter Bill screen is defaulted to print the “Purchase Description” on the label.

All the labels he needs to print are on that screen, as he is receiving them, as they should be. Currently he has to update purchase descriptions constantly and if by some horrific chance that one gets past him, our customer now has our purchase information on their price tag and at best if we catch it, its wasted labels and man hours to reprint as well as to check all the stock for other corrections.

I believe that the primary purpose of the labels are meant for customers. The Sales Description should be changed to be the primary description printed on a label from the “Receive Items and Enter Bill screen.

On the off chance that any of you use the “Purchase Description” on labels then I would amend the feature request to allow an option of either “sales or purchase” description.

Please let me know your thoughts on the topic.

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  1. Hello,

    When that feature was added many years ago, the label was intended for the technician. They would pull the part from their truck and leave the packaging behind. When the Item Alias feature was added (many years ago), I believe most users stopped using the labels feature. Their techs would enter or scan the vendor’s label.

    I believe we have not heard anything about this because we do not have many users that package things for retail sale or use a POS.

    It would have to become a preference.

  2. Steven LeBlanc

    Thank you for the explanation James.

    Since I am a minority when it comes to users that package things for retail and definitely use your POS function…..
    Can I get your presidential 15 votes to make this change happen?

    Thanks in advance

  3. Hello Steven,

    You are right. I don’t think many people will vote on it. But, yes. I will vote for it and that’s all that counts. lol

    I will writeup a ticket over the weekend and add it to our “Spint”. I will update the ticket when it is in process, etc.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi James,

      Just following up on this feature request. It is still not working. It is still printing the purchase descriptions on our labels from the barcodes tab on the receive items and enter bills screen.
      Please feel free to call me if you have any questions.

      Steven LeBlanc

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