Auto Create Contact log when Printing Option

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Add a check box to the print setup form to automatically create a contact log entry when you print a form.
The contact log can then be mostly filled out for you with your name, Date, Topic, Subject, etc and all you have to do is add the Notes like “emailed to” or “sent via USPS”, etc.
The biggest complaint I get from my employees about using contact log is “it takes too long”. This would greatly reduce the amount of time needed to fill our a contact log entry and it would remind you to do it every time (if the box is checked).

5 thoughts on “Auto Create Contact log when Printing Option”

  1. This would great if it would auto fill the estimate/inv/wo/etc in the notes field. Also a preference to auto pick a topic for you. That way the whole form would be just about filled out and would be more tempting to use as it would be faster.

  2. That’s a good idea. My people complain about the contact log taking too long too. I don’t know how to get around it though. It is basically electronic paperwork.

    How would we know what Topic and Subject to use?

  3. I would like to see the following things filled in automatically:
    Entered by: the user’s name
    Date: Today’s Date
    Time: Current time
    Topic: “Invoice Printed” or “Estimate Printed” or “PO Printed” or “WO Printed”, etc.
    Subject: “Invoice #######” or “Estimate ######” or “PO #######”, etc
    Notes: This field would not be filled in automatically. Here you can explain what you did with the document. Like: email recipient or fax # or mailed via USPS or Texted info etc. What ever your policy is for recording the event.

    All of these fields are editable so If you want to change the Topic, or the subject, or add to the subject etc. or change it entirely to suit your needs you can after it has been auto generated. However, most of it would be filled in and it leaves very little typing to record the transaction.

  4. We did this work last week. We are testing it and should get it into the TOM update after the next one. Thank you for the idea. I hope it helps Aptora too. 🙂

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