COMMISSION MEMO on Commission Reports!



I’ve been advised there is currently no way to include Memo information input on commissions into a report. SO WHY even allow a Memo when assigning a Commission, if you can’t get it out of the system?

Currently (and apparently on purpose) the Memo field on the commission tracking report pulls from the Memo field of the work order. This makes absolutely no sense.

What makes sense is the associated memo, which relates to the commission, to be included on the commission tracking.

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  1. Are you referring to the Reports > Payroll > Sales Commission Tracking report? That report has an option to include details from the invoice. That option adds the Internal Memo from the invoice to the report. It does not add any work order information.

    FYI: The work order does not have a memo field. There is Brief Description, Detailed Description, Private Notes, and Technician’s Notes.

    Question: WHY even allow a Memo when assigning a Commission
    Answer: The Assign Commission Memo appears on the Assign Commissions form while processing payroll. The idea was to allow the user to make a comment that the payroll processor could read.

  2. Heather Maehren

    Sorry, I misspoke/typed invoice vs work order. The invoice Memo pulls from the Work Order Description, so essentially it’s both though.

    The issue is the commission tracking pulls the memo from the invoice, rather than the memo which is included when assigning commissions, that actually relates to the commission. Example attached. We would really like to have this memo in a report we can provide our employees with their commission checks (we share the tracking report that relates to their checks with their checks), but the Memo from the invoice is pointless in this fashion. Any memo information on an invoice would relate to the customer or job specifically, not to the assigned commission specifically.

    We include notes in the assign commission memo field that relate to that commission (which seems this is the intent of this Memo), but we can’t get that information out of the system I’ve been told. If they only received partial commission for some reason, didn’t receive commission for not following protocol, or shared commission with another co-worker, etc. this is noted here. Seems to reason this should be included on the report so they can see the explanations for the pay variance.

  3. I agree the memo field being pulled from should be the one in the assigned commission part. Pulling from the Invoice Memo field does not make since when we are printing the reports to give to our techs so they understand any commission adjustments.

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